Monday, July 2, 2012

Random rules

Here are some random little rules that might be useful as you learn Japanese. These were never properly explained in my main book or by my teacher, I found them in other references:

. RU/U verbs: is there a way to determine which is which when a verb ends with RU. I have learned that:
-ARU, -ORU, -URU endings: ALWAYS "U" verb.
-IRU, -ERU: OFTEN (greater %) "RU" verb.
Not necessarily a perfect answer, but it helps with figuring out "U" verbs "on the fly".

. "I" adjectives can usually be converted to adverbs by replacing the last I with KU: OSOI (late) becomes OSOKU.
ex: Osoi desu (it's late) vs. osoku nomimasu (drinking late)

. "nani" becomes "nan" in before d, t and n.

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