Saturday, June 29, 2013

hashiru (はしる): run

To run (u-verb)

bari bari (バリバリ): very

(1) When one is full of energy and ready to get 'em on/get to task; 
(2) When something is very hard/crunchy;
(3) SFX for eating something very crunchy, like senbei

umare (生まれ): birth

Like shusshin, you can use umare to ask where someone is from but in this case it refers to where they were born.

paipan (パイパン): shaved/hairless where it counts

Name for the glabrousness of an individual, usually a female, who lacks pubic hair either naturally or due to removal. (from Wikitionary)

osusume (おすすめ): recommendation

Recommendation; osusume ga arimasu ka.