Tuesday, November 24, 2015

furin (ふりん): adultery, immorality

adultery, immorality, impropriety

Used by Ayumu to say "furin ryoukou" (adult/sex trip)

bureikou (ぶれいこう): putting aside rank, free and easy (party)

putting aside rank, free and easy (party)
Used by a superior to have people relax and not feel like they have to pour drinks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"dream" (usage)

みる for sleeping dreams.
ゆうべこわいゆめをみました。I had a scary dream last night.

もっている or ある for your visions.
ゆめをもっています/ゆめがあります。I have a dream.
あなたのしょうらいのゆめはなんですか。What is your future dream?

Genki I, Lesson 11 Notes.

"A and B, for example" (grammar)

や suggests proposed examples, not citing an exhaustive list.

A や B
A and B, for example

(Use "tatoeba")

Tatoeba shochu ya nihonshu watashi ha suki desu.

Genki I, Lesson 11.4

"Have the experience of ..." (grammar)

Describe something that you did or something that happened in earlier times:

verb (short, past, affirmative) + ことがある
have the experience of...

Genki I, Lesson 11.3

"Do such things as A and B" (grammar)

Add り to the past tense short form.

(activity A) たり (activity B) たり する

する indicates the tense of the sentence.

Genki I, Lesson 11.2

"I want to.../They want to..." (grammar)

I want to.../Do you want to...?
  • verb stem + たいです
  • verb stem + たいです
  • たい conjugates as an い-adjective
  • が or を
I've wanted to...
  • verb stem + たいとおもっています。
They want to...
  • verb stem + たがっている
  • たがる conjugates as an u-verb
  • を only
Genki I, Lesson 11.1